Porto Hydra Village

A gated community with over 330 private villas in the Peloponnese, built around a canal network

A place that brings out the best in you

A hidden paradise you can visit throughout the year


Wander in the narrow streets next to the canals, in the gardens with the colorful bougainvilleas and the imposing palm trees. Cross the beautiful bridges, pass by the figurative Church and listen to the water in the fountain.

Magical landscape that stretches across a coastal area of silver olive groves. A 360˚ panoramic view of the typical countryside of the Peloponnese, the beautiful blue of the Aegean and the stone masses of cosmopolitan Hydra, the glamorous town of Spetses Island and the unpretentious island of Dokos.


A one-of-a-kind and serene destination for those looking for a quiet vacation for the whole family or not. You can enjoy the tranquil landscape all year round, away from tourist trails, next to canals instead of roads.

Beautiful walks and endless strolls will lead your steps to cobbled streets, between picturesque villas. Vibrant shades in all the gardens, villas aesthetically uniform and paths full of beautiful corners. Feel and smell the sea breeze.

Porto Hydra Village

"The Venice of the Saronic Gulf"

The ideal place for holidays


With piers in most villas, private parking and private security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, residents and holidaymakers enjoy the benefits of high-end services.

Enjoy windsurfing, water skiing and other water sports year-round. Paddle through the canals with a kayak, or take a bike and ejoy a ride through the beautiful small alleys. There are also basketball and tennis courts, as well as a playground for children. The area is fenced and guarded 24 hours a day.


Indulge in the summer tranquility, enjoy the blue Aegean beaches, and listen to the gentle movement of the water. Enjoy beautiful walks safely and feel the time stopping in the small islands that form the canals.

Porto Hydra is a treasure that you can visit all year round. Summers are hot and winters are mild. Spring and Autumn are pleasant with enjoyable sunshine, but also occasional rains that will give a beautiful tone to your days.

Luxurious villas with private docks
meters of navigable canals
Private basketball and tennis courts

A seaside oasis to be discovered

Where we are

Porto Hydra Village is located in the north-eastern region of the Peloponnese.

How to get here

Porto Hydra Village can be accessed by land, sea and air. It has the privilege to be served by every means of transport.

The distance between Porto Hydra and Athens is 195 km, lasting approximately 3 hours, following the National Road of Athens - Korinthos - Epidavros - Kranidi - Porto Hydra.

Passenger catamaran or hydrofoil ships may also transfer guests from Piraeus (Athens). The journey lasts 1.30 - 2.00 hours to the port of Ermioni, where Porto Hydra Village is a 15-min drive away.

Please note that Porto Hydra Village is private, hence access is only allowed to residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about Porto Hydra Village?

A unique characteristic of Porto Hydra Village are the canals that go through it and connect to the sea. Most villas have their own piers to dock their speedboats. There are two beautiful beaches on the east and west side, with a view of the island of Hydra, just minutes away on foot. Cars and motorbikes are not permitted within the Village. Finally, the area is fenced and guarded 24/7.

Who is running Porto Hydra Village?

Porto Hydra Village is run by a Board of Directors, who are voted for annually by the residents of Porto Hydra Village. The board is responsible for matters around finances, maintenance, security, amongst others, practically responsible for the Village. Only residents can vote during the elections and they can also nominate themselves for a seat in the board of directors. The board of directors consists exclusively by residents.

I'm looking to buy or rent a property, how can I contact you?

The properties in Porto Hydra Village are all private. The board of directors does not deal with buying, selling or renting any of the properties in Porto Hydra Village. If you wish to buy or rent a property, you should go through property search websites, real estate agencies, or websites for short-term letting.